When you first walk up to our campground office you’ll meet our big, bold, beautiful bird family. They’re the pride of the campground: Daisy, Webster, Waldo & the McCaws. And every Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening at 5 pm as our birds are taken out of their cages before they go home to sleep, a few lucky campers will have their picture taken with Daisy or Waldo.

Favorite food: pizza and peanuts

Loves chatting with friends on Facebook

Favorite Food: macaroni (please no sauce)

Waldo’s an Instagram guy. He just can’t post enough selfies — maybe you’ll get to join him in one.

The McCaws: Elliot, Simon, Shooster


Favorite Food: Banana

This fella is the most beautiful of birds – and sometimes he let’s you know it.


Favorite Food: Chicken wings

Big Blue is a show off. He poses for the camera when ever it is around.


Favorite Food: Chicken wings and walnuts

This gentle giant sings opera – so sing along